On Monday, Polygon (MATIC), a tier 2 Ethereum (ETH) scaling solution known for fast transaction times and low gas charges, announced the launch of Plonky2, the world’s fastest zero-knowledge scaling technology. Zero knowledge algorithms ensure that everything is calculated correctly at level 2 and return the feed to Ethereum without sending all the data. Instead of each miner (or employer) verifying each published transaction, zero knowledge makes it easier to verify aggregate evidence, thus increasing the speed of the network exponentially.

Polygon told him that the 2014 zero-knowledge re-evidence was mostly theoretical. In 2019, it took about 120 seconds to form them. In 2020, the number dropped to 60 seconds. This year, Plonky2 generates such evidence in just 0.17 seconds. The developers of the network claim that it is 100 times faster than existing alternatives.

This class of algorithms can provide horizontal or linear scaling of blocks in the future. Nodes do not need to keep a history of initiated blockchain transactions, which increases the network bandwidth when each of them is added.

Polygon has committed $ 1 billion to develop zero-knowledge technologies. In August, Polygon teamed up with Hermez’s $ 250 million zero-knowledge blockchain network in MATIC tokens. In December, the allocation of up to 250 million MATIC tokens for an agreement with the crypto startup Mir was announced. This company specializes in the PLONK and Halo subcategories of zero-knowledge algorithms, the latter of which do not require completely reliable configuration for evidence verification.

Source: CoinTelegraph