Zenit St.

On October 15, Zenit players will be released as digital collectible and redeemable cards in a blockchain-based game and will join 100 other international football clubs including Juventus, PSG, Atlético Madrid and Paris Saint-Germain.

Blockchain game cards can be exchanged with other leaders and players can play games once they have at least five digital cards. The score for each player’s card is related to his actual performance in the soccer league table.

Nicholas Julia, president of Sorare, says the platform wants to create a blockchain-tech global fantasy soccer game that includes the world’s top 10 leagues.

Since its launch in March 2019, Sorare has grown at a rate of 52% per month and today has 40,000 users worldwide. Interestingly, Russia has become the third largest market for sorar in the world, with a monthly user growth of 70%. The country also ranks first for average daily use of the gaming platform – 1 hour, 15 minutes a day.

Alexander Medvedev, General Manager of Zenit, expressed his hope that the partnership with Sorare would improve the club’s brand coverage and allow it to reach young fans abroad, especially in Asia and America.

Nonfungible – a ranking site for blockchain games and non-fancy collectibles – currently ranks fourth on Sorare. The seven-day turnover is $ 181,353, compared to $ 445,545 for the most popular game, Superrare.

Source: CoinTelegraph