Cointelegraph, the world’s largest source of news and information on the future economy, is pleased to announce the addition of Zachary Kellman as general counsel. Kelman is a crypto early adopter and managing partner of crypto-law firm Kelman PLLC. Licensed in New York, he specializes in political, legal and regulatory issues related to bitcoin, digital currencies, and blockchain technology.

Kelman is a thought leader, frequent contributor to Cointelegraph and a featured guest on the leading podcast, most notably On the Edge of Castle Island with Nick Carter of Castle Island Ventures. He takes a critical international look at how monetary policy and the older financial system continue to struggle with the rise of cryptocurrencies, commenting on topics ranging from how stack currencies threaten the correspondent banking system to US government actions such as Operation Choke Point’ affecting the economy. Cryptocurrency companies to run their business.

“The future of the economy has been severely undermined by blockchain technology, and I am delighted to be at Cointelegraph at the center of this conversation,” Kellman said. “Cointelegraph’s management and journalistic authority in the field have made it a necessary target. By gaining the trust and readers of both institutional and individual investors.”

“Cointelegraph is growing with the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies to give our readers access to important news, information, data and community guidance to enable them to make smart decisions and formulate smart economic strategies,” said Jay Cassano, CEO of Cointelegraph. “As we grow with the rapidly evolving applications of distributed ledger technology, we welcome Zachary’s expertise in navigating this ever-changing landscape.”

About Zachary Kellman

Kellman began his legal career working for major financial institutions such as Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley in areas such as money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and similar critical legal areas required for legacy financial infrastructure. His in-depth knowledge of international transaction monitoring mechanisms gives him a unique opportunity to advise on new fintech and crypto companies.

Kellman became famous in 2014 when he drafted the Online Market Protection Act of 2014, which was sent to Congress that same year. He is also a member of the Legislative Committee of the Florida Blockchain Business Association, and contributes to the preparation of two bills (H.B. 1351 and S.B. 1758) designed to position Florida as a major target for blockchain and cryptocurrency businesses.

Previously as CEO and Director of Caribbean Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitt, he worked with the Caribbean government to develop early laws to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the region. He acted similarly with Southeast Asian digital asset firm, and worked with the Central Bank of the Philippines on drafting legislation in 2017.

About Cointelegraph

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Source: CoinTelegraph