You can send cryptocurrency to Ivan on YouTube at Tech and join Twitter. Immediately, he offered me an investment opportunity in Bitcoin Trading / Mining, thanks to a platform he allegedly linked to Binance.

In fact, however, a guy disguised as Evan approached me and rigged the crypto scam. Ivan advertising, cryptocurrency and data processing platform in front of the Binance platform, as the company’s representative in front of Cointelegraph. But I played with the imposter to see what additional information could be obtained from him. I told Hamm and I like his offer and ready to invest 50 Bitcoin (BTC) as usual – money that I claimed was part of my retirement plan.

Subscribe to Cryptobinance. The next step for me would be to send some bitcoins to the alleged stock exchange address for my financial investment activities. I store data from the Crystal Blockchain in some opposing addresses (39vgPqvsT1YbahCUcRrjtHR6a1oWaUZzxN) after August 23rd or up to 0.3 BTC of any length. The title appears to belong to the Coinbase user. We don’t know if this service is the title of this scam broker to be a smart investor, men, etc. Next, check out the bitcoinbus Gunn rapper’s website.

Not much seems to have changed when it comes to how Twitter handles fraud related accounts, I know you didn’t notice it in the midst of Julia. I’d rather have this event update me when I know that this is an electronic version as you know, and it has Clare, who belongs to one of the main characters of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others. People. … integration of others and access to the framework by hackers, children’s store access up to 12 BTC unchanged. According to Adam Beck, co-founder of Blockstrom, it’s nearly impossible to convince Twitter to crack down on impersonators who have exposed users of the fraudulent platform:

“If you report impersonation, re-upload the government ID of each registered descriptor. Unfortunately, even when complaints are used and people are tricked into contacting you for a refund, they get blocked very slowly. I’ve been working with @ adam3us [an impersonator of Backs Twitter] for over a month now. . ”
The problem is not only in the business but with Blockstream as well, as well as in the opponents database with all the data obtained after being sent to the market.

Similar complaints have been filed against another major platform, YouTube. Given the busy YouTube with Cardano (ADA) and the more attractive Charles Hoskinson, I wouldn’t give the ADA hotel directly to YouTube.

At the same time, many legal accredited YouTubers have become offerings of touch platforms. Fog platforms probably don’t think kryptonite is important enough to share enough resources to monitor fraud. As Twitter founder Jack Dorsey picks a significant cryptocurrency spokesperson, more and more problems are popping up on Twitter.

This is particularly problematic given the proximity to the US presidential election and the many legitimate fundraising efforts being made together. If social media giants cannot fail to find adequate solutions to dangerous threats, the blockchain community may need to provide users with viable decentralized alternatives.

There is no doubt that this behavior violates Twitter’s financial fraud policy, which states:

“You cannot induce others to send you money or personal financial information by operating a fake account or impersonating a person or a public institution.”

Source: CoinTelegraph