The four US financial regulators will meet to discuss market manipulation concerns sparked by the drama that dominated news headlines around GameStop shares last week.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is meeting with senior officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Federal Reserve, according to a February 2 Wall Street Journal report, possibly as early as Thursday.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has already announced that it is looking into recent market manipulation. The inclusion of the CFTC and the Fed indicates that the conversation will go beyond Robinhood, Reddit and GameStop.

In addition to the indirect impact of market volatility on commodities such as silver, the broader question of the role of social media arises. Given that the spread of foreign disinformation via social media has been a major national security issue for several years, there is no doubt that the ability of social media movements to influence markets is more concerned with regulators than with the fate of Melvin Capital.

Meanwhile, both the SEC and lawmakers have expressed significant dissatisfaction with the behavior of the markets themselves, including the role of Robinhood, which suspended purchases of GME at a critical moment last week.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, Ridgway Parker, head of corporate finance at law firm Withers, hinted that Robinhood is in trouble as a broker.

“I could see a world in which we code securities, and not through the concierge as a broker,” Parker said. “Robinhood really had no choice but to restrict trade. But if you didn’t go to a broker, if you went as a trader to a trader, you would have avoided some of these systemic problems. ”

The Treasury Department did not respond to a request for comment at the time of publication.

Source: CoinTelegraph