has been busy announcing several mergers last week, and there is a boom in decentralized finance. Following the merger of Yearn and Pickle Finance, Yearn announced a partnership with Cream to launch Cream v2.

Some of the more important points are that teams working with both protocols will pool their development resources, and Yearn warehouse stocks can be left as collateral to borrow from Cream. Crop growers could also benefit because Yearn’s storage strategies will have an impact through Kareem.

The collaboration also contains many issues planned for the future. Karim will launch Stabil Credit, a proposed lending platform created by Yearn, and a Zero Security Protocol lending solution is under development.

André Cronier, founder of, announced the merger with SushiSwap on December 1st, calling it “one of the most aggressive forms of synergies”. Main articles will be voted on by the guide to make it official.

Although each of the tokens and controls will remain separate, each project plans to store each other’s tokens in its own locker.

Both teams will pool their development resources and liquidity pools into one credit pool, which will increase the total booked value.

SushiSwap will eventually become the automatic market maker of choice for Yearn’s breeding strategies, while Yearn will help create xSushi cellars for SUSHI Farm, Ether (ETH), YFI, and Wrapped BTC (wBTC).

News of mergers and acquisitions led to a violent clash with many of DeFi tokens, but can they continue down the road to the top?

Let’s analyze the charts of the three most important mobile phones to find out.

YFI rose from an intraday low of $ 18,228.60 on Nov. 26 to an intraday high of $ 31,780.41 on Dec. 2, representing a gain of 74% in a short period of time. This indicates that investors have been happy with the major news over the past few days.

Both moving averages are sloping and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is close to the overbought zone, indicating an upward trend. The YFI / USD pair could rise to as high as $ 34,204.24 resistance, as the bears were likely to place some strong resistance.

However, if the bulls do not give in and buy the dip to the 20-day exponential moving average ($ 23,926), this will increase the possibility of a breakout of the upper resistance.

Close above $ 34,404.24, the next one could start from an all-time high of $ 43,966.31. If the bulls are able to push the price above this level, the pair may rise to the psychological resistance of $ 50,000.

This bullish view becomes invalid if the pair reverses current levels or upper resistance and breaks below the 20 day moving average. In this case, you can run for several days.

Sushi / dollar
SushiSwaps SUSHI posted a 144% decline from a Nov 26 low of $ 0.9758 to an intraday high on Dec 2 of $ 2.3861. The token has started in a new direction, as evidenced by the formation of a higher high and a higher low.

Both moving averages appeared and the RSI jumped into the overbought zone. In the early stages of an uptrend, if the RSI stays above 70, this indicates strong buying interest and is usually seen as a sign of strength.

1st growth goal is $ 2.65. The bears may try to stop the rally at this level, but if the sushi / USD remains above the 20-day moving average ($ 1.50), it will increase the possibility of a breakout of the resistance.

There are several minor resistance levels between $ 2.65 and $ 3.50. It can act like speed bumps, increasing volatility. However, if the bulls manage to eliminate the resistance at $ 3.50, then the next target is $ 5 followed by $ 9.

This positive outlook will be reversed if the bears cut prices during the 20 day moving average. This move may mean that the bears are no longer buying the dips as they expect the price to fall further.

Source: CoinTelegraph