Two days after the merger of Yearn Finance (YFI) and Pickle Finance in the first effective DeFi merger, Yearn founder André Cronier published details of another upcoming integration with Cream, a lending protocol similar to Compound and Aave.

A blog post published on Thursday explains how the two protocols have joined forces to launch Cream V2. As part of the partnership, the teams will gather development resources and present several symbiotic interactions between the two protocols.

Long-awaited users will be able to place their own Treasury tokens – their share in the Crop Strategy Fund – as security for a loan from Cream. Furthermore, planting strategies will be able to benefit from the platform, which can increase yields.

The collaboration for future releases will continue with Careem, which specializes in product lending. The new stable lending platform created by Yearn will be launched via Cream. A zero collateral protocol that would provide more flexibility in lending was a development for the future.

Unlike Pickle Finance, the management and finances of Karim’s tokens will remain unchanged. The two protocols will remain largely separate, and the synergy will be related to a very close partnership rather than a direct merger.

The community raised concerns about not being consulted before the merger with Pickle Finance, and said that the case should have been settled. Later, one of the team members explained that this does not technically require approval, since most of the mergers were on Bickle’s side.

Chris Blake, a DeFi researcher who is often hostile to events, believes these decisions emphasize that control symbols provide less control than people expect.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, he explained that decisions of this kind are likely to fall under “Business Development and Integration Facilitation”, one of the decision-making powers that YFI owners gave to the core team in August.

The Yearn community has responded positively to Cream’s integration so far, but most have not yet turned to advertising.

While the core team appears to have the power to accept partnerships and mergers, these actions could lead to further discussion about the role of YFI token holders in the Yearn ecosystem.

Source: CoinTelegraph