It was a relatively quiet time for Bitcoin this week. The price has fallen slightly, but not much, and still tickles $ 10,000. This raises concerns about the correction, which makes the currency as low as possible, to $ 7,700. If this happens, some experts say that it will be an opportunity to buy. Others thought the price would be great for sellers. Investor Jim Rogers believes that Bitcoin will eventually fall to zero and disappear.

Max Kaiser hopes Rogers is wrong. The personality of RT TV says that buying Bitcoin is the best way to solve the socio-economic problems noted in recent demonstrations in the United States. He says that the demolition of statues does nothing. Only Bitcoin will change the world.

To do this, it should be easier to buy and sell bitcoins. it happens. It is said that PayPal and Venmo plan to trade cryptocurrency. LibertyX, known for its Bitcoin ATMs, now allows customers to buy over-the-counter bitcoins at 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, and Rite Aid. In Australia, customers can now buy bitcoins at over 3,500 local post offices.

And with increasing turnout, platforms need to be more careful. Robinhood promised improvements after a 20-year-old client committed suicide. It is reported that Alexander Kearns had a negative balance of $ 730,000 in his account. The balance was a mistake.

Wirecard, the source of discount cards for cryptocurrencies, is missing about $ 2.1 billion. According to reports in the Financial Times, employees in Dubai and Dublin have been increasing sales and profits for nearly a decade.

For other bloated claims, Attorney Satoshi Craig Wright will not receive a sentence. US District Judge Beth Bloom ruled that jurors must resolve “troubling questions” about Wright’s veracity and conduct. Wright says the court must take autism into account.

Technology companies may have to consider the government if a new bill is passed in the Senate. Legal Data Access Act, sponsored by Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Tom Cotton (R-AR), and Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), requires service providers and device manufacturers to provide government access to encrypted data.

In Sweden, everything looks a little better. The central bank of the country has published a review that examines in more detail digital currencies in general and electronic crowns in particular.

To do this, we need a central bank, where another central bank has not gone — what William Shatner did. The first captain of Starship Enterprise turned memories into non-interchangeable codes circulating on the WAX ​​blockchain. He could find that blockchain is a good place to retire. Works with CryptoKitties. Upland has dedicated the island in its virtual world to digital cats to spend time on the beaches. It seems that next week someone will calm down.

Source: CoinTelegraph