COVID-19 has stopped many things, including motorsports. While digital reality is disruptive, digital reality has enhanced the Sims racing experience, a reality run by famous racers who are now experimenting with virtual events. This list includes the F1 Virtual Grand Prix, the All Star Race series and eNASCAR featured on ESPN, FOX and other major TV channels.

While this initial fad has since died down with the reintroduction of live racing, Sim Racing has proven to be useful in finding new talent and inspiring entirely new communities, blurring the line between the real and virtual worlds.

As the world moves from pandemic to endemic, the question for the industry is: “How can this momentum be sustained when the world can attend live events again?” Fortunately, the answer is not far off: blockchain technology and the larger metaverse offer society a new perspective on reality.

As this market sets new all-time records, the two worlds are believed to be intersecting in a new type of virtual race that rewards players for their participation, which in turn encourages participation and builds fan loyalty along with live events.

In addition, this new digital arena is promoting AnteFame, a platform considered one of the world’s first hybrid esports and fantasy league offerings. Here, players are invited to take part in a profit-making model that is very similar to the profit-making phenomenon that has dominated the gaming industry.

“Following the success of NBA TopShot in basketball and Sorare in football (soccer), we are excited to bring new levels of play to the motorsports and collectibles platform,” said AnteFame.

The project, which is defined as a mix of club and service games, received initial backing from ART Grand Prix, WRT, US Racing and other world-class teams known for their legendary drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Theo Bersheer. , among others. .

Excellence Through Passion
In AnteFame, players can build their dream team to earn collectibles from racers in a variety of motorsport disciplines starting with F1 with new weekly rewards. As the rotating leadership of the Global Fantasy Motorsport team, players will have digital trading cards that can be used as NFTs to buy, trade and win. The performance of the riders in each real race will determine the score of the team of players. Therefore, the better the player can spot the riders, the better the team will perform and the more rewards they will receive in the form of tokens and NFTs.

However, unlike other fantasy teams, AnteFame takes a hybrid approach that allows players to compete to the point where they can replace a racer on their team themselves and directly influence the team’s performance by participating in virtual races.

To bridge the gap between digital and real racing, AnteFame is working with Maserati, the Italian luxury car manufacturer known for its longest racing heritage. The winners will enjoy a Maserati with one F2 driver at Maserati headquarters and the race track to fully immerse themselves in the brand’s heritage.

Following this news, AnteFame is organizing a competition for the opportunity to drive the Maserati Levante MC Special Edition. The result of this competition was a celebration of Maserati’s spirit of excellence and an incentive opportunity for AnteFame members.

More information about the game ANTEFAME here
To enter the competition and join the club, AnteFame is issuing NFT “passes” divided into four tiers, with a total of 6301 Rookie NFTs, 3333 Confirmed NFTs, 333 Veteran NFTs, and 33 Legendary NFTs, all of which provide an opportunity to participate. In the game, you can enjoy different levels of rewards and special collectibles that can be traded on OpenSea.

Launch of the Collector’s Exchange
On March 18, the company launched the NFT Passport Marketplace to start exploring NFT for drivers and building their own teams; To do this, players must have ANTE tokens. The ANTE Token Special Sale is for early adopters on a first come, first serve basis.

On March 20, AnteFame will take part in the Bahrain Grand Prix to launch the Fantasy League private beta, which the team will focus on next year.

The project team plans to include 5,000 players in its racing ecosystem by 2022.

Source: CoinTelegraph