Wolfram Alpha, the primary competency engine that provides technology for core services like Apple’s Siri, integrates data from the Cardano blockchain.

According to Thursday’s announcement, Wolfram Blockchain Labs, or WBL, a subsidiary of Wolfram Research, has entered into a partnership with technology company IOHK founded by Charles Hoskinson.

As part of the partnership, WBL integrates the Cardano blockchain data into Wolfram Alpha, allowing developers to integrate external data into Cardano smart contracts. The new partnership will specifically target work with so-called “cutting-edge oracles,” which companies believe is a necessary component to creating advanced smart contracts.

According to the announcement, WBL and IOHK will launch the function in 2021, with plans to release the integration later this year.

Wolfram Computing Technology and Knowledge Base are previously integrated with major blockchain platforms, including the Bitcoin blockchain and the Ethereum network. Other integrated platforms include the blockchain framework ARK and Bloxberg, a major blockchain initiative led by the Max Planck Association.

In addition, IOHK will work closely with WBL to develop smart contract-based applications as part of a broader mission to enable commerce and transform blockchain-based business models. Following the partnership, WBL also plans to include some Cardano-specific materials in its course materials so that developers can learn how to better use Tungsten’s tools and oracles for Cardano.

Wolfram Alpha is a natural language processing tool and provider for smart Apple assistants from Siri and Alexa. Wolfram Alpha, developed by Wolfram Research, works as a response engine, providing answers to actual questions directly by calculating the answer from structured data.

Source: CoinTelegraph