Cameron Winklevoss, founder of Gemini cryptocurrency exchange and billionaire, believes the next Bitcoin (BTC) coin will be completely different. Compared to previous beef markets, Vinklevoss indicated that there is more capital, infrastructure and better projects here.

Winklevoss said:

“The next Ron Bitcoin will be radically different. There is a lot of capital, human capital, infrastructure, and quality projects today more than 2017. Not to mention the true scale of inflation that all paper systems face in the future.”

Various data indicate a significant increase in the amount of capital that investors have in the cryptocurrency market. The major cryptocurrency exchanges also received clearer requirements, which improves the market infrastructure.

The capital goes to the bitcoin market
The two accounts show, first of all, that more money can be shared at Bitcoin's latest hike. First, the market value of Tether (USDT) exceeded $ 10 billion. Second, Grayscale Investments’ new assets total (AUM) reached new heights.

Tether is the largest stable currency in the crypto market today. Investors, especially in countries with government uncertainty, depend on the stable currency in cryptocurrency trading. The rapid increase in Tether's market value may indicate that more money is expected to be distributed on the crypto exchange.

Grayscale Cryptocurrency Trusts are undoubtedly the most widely used investment vehicle to access cryptocurrencies. Grayscale's assets have consistently reached $ 5.1 billion over the past quarter.

Grayscale CEO Barry Silbert said:

“In 2013 everyone thought we were crazy about creating a Bitcoin investment fund. Okay, look at us now …

The merger of Tether's market capital and Grayscale balance sheet assets shows that corporate and retail property rights are still growing significantly.

The crypto market infrastructure is improving
In 2020, the US stock and banking markets will mainly see government clarity regarding cryptocurrencies.

The United States Currency Observer Office (OCC) allows banks to offer and use cryptocurrency solutions. In fact, it is the green light for US financial institutions to participate in the crypto market.

He also states that JPMorgan has accepted Gemini and Coinbase, the two largest online exchanges in the United States, as clients. As a result, concerns about tense banking conditions affecting exchanges and users have subsided.

Clarity about the cryptocurrencies of major US regulators and banks can improve perception of the asset class to the general public. This means that if Bitcoin enters a new bull market, improved sentiment across the industry can benefit BTC adoption and value.

Crypto launches appropriate utilities
In general, it appears that projects and companies in both the Bitcoin market and the crypto market are growing. This is partly due to increased regulatory clarity and the fact that traditional companies are more willing to partner with crypto companies.

For example, Bitcoin Lightning Zap startup works with Visa and participates in the Fintech Fast Track program. This allows Zap to launch Visa cards in partnership.

Zap CEO Jack Mullers said:

“We have been contracted to launch one over the next 12 months, and we plan to launch it over the next few months.”

Improved projects, increased capital, and improved infrastructure increase trust levels among bitcoin investors, raising the mood throughout the sector. Over the medium term, major investors hope that BTC will reverse these factors.

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Source: CoinTelegraph