Digital collectibles with personal memorabilia from an actor known as Captain Kirk from USS Enterprise, sold out in minutes.

According to WAX, the tokens, which are non-exchangeable symbols (NFT)) with photographs of William Shatner's personal and professional life from the 1930s to the present, were sold in nine minutes. An online store with 10,000 virtual goods was put up for sale, including almost 125,000 digital inventories.

Coin collectors can now buy, sell and exchange cards for each other. Some scenes have included Shatner's paintings and characters from his early acting days, and there are also more personal moments, including his embrace of actor Leonard Nimoy, AKA Spock and even X-rays of Shatner's teeth.

“I'm surprised at how fast things are happening,” Shatner told Quintelgrave, adding that he hopes people who have bought NFT will be able to make new friends in their trade.

“The cards themselves represent a beautiful past,” he said. “It's a great future to confirm your presence on blockchains. Thus, we have the past and the future mixed together.”

Block Chain-trailer
The Star Trek actor has been a blockchain spokesman for quite some time, promoting technology on his Twitter account. Shatner spoke to the Cointelegraph in June, saying “something has been put on the blockchain forever.”

Source: CoinTelegraph