Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange site, has lost a dispute over the domain name to an Australian florist named Binancé.

On June 17, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) rejected the complaint filed by the exchange in April and found that Binance had “pleaded not guilty to demonstrating that the defendant did not have any legal rights or interests in the disputed domain name.”

WIPO concluded that there is currently “no reason to apply” to the exchange request, and it decided in favor of a florist applying for a domain name.

But we described it first
The Binance complaint confirmed that Binance registered its trademark in Australia on November 21, 2018, noting that the florist registered the domain name almost a year later, on October 27, 2019.

The exchange also emphasized that the director of Binancé, Nawodycz, also runs a digital marketing company and acts as a “blockchain exchange researcher” for World Bookings, indicating that Nawodycz registered the name for the sole purpose of making money on the domain. ,

Florist accused of parking at
WIPO indicated that the term “double flowers” ​​does not translate from French to “double pairs” in English, as claimed by Noodic. However, Google Translate has been found to support Nabog's claim.

The representative of Binance also noted that the business plan and cost estimates presented by Nawodycz were not dated and could be created at any time.

The WIPO decision also states that many of the lists on use color images identical to those used by eBay and Etsy sellers.
MetaMask browser extension designates a site as an attempt to phishing.

Source: CoinTelegraph