When traders get enough money to live on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE), or any other cryptocurrency trading, what happens next? Experienced crypto-savvy Reddit users shared their best ideas in a live sub-forum.

One user who used the u/LifeReboot tag described how luck led to less satisfaction than expected. For this reason, LifeReboot asked the crypto community what they think about what they should do after they make enough money for the rest of their lives.

In response, user Adamant27 sent some congratulations and compared life to video games. “You have completed the task called Financial Stability and Independence, but there are many other tasks in this game called Life,” Adamant27 wrote. Encourage the user LifeReboot to do some “key tasks” such as personal development and spiritual enlightenment.

Exploring the world is the answer from Reddit user Snowboarding_kook. In response, the Redditor wrote that “there is nothing better than travel.”

Excerpt from Reddit thread. Source: Reddit
On the other hand, Reddit user Feodal_lord thinks it is a good idea to disappear and live without contact with other people. The user wrote: “If I made enough money in my life, I would fuck society and live my life in seclusion.”

Since the thread’s creator didn’t “sound like a greedy crypto geek,” one Goonzoo user suggested starting a crypto project. “Make it unique and make it function as a foundation. It might fill your life in some way,” they wrote.

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Source: CoinTelegraph