The adoption of the cryptocurrency gave another victory to the University of Pennsylvania’s Ivy League, but there is a problem.

Bloomberg reports that Wharton School, one of the leading business schools in the US, will accept bitcoin (BTC) and other forms of cryptocurrency for tuition fees. However, implementation is limited to a new online blockchain and digital asset program scheduled to launch in January.

Called Blockchain Economics and Digital Assets, the program is six weeks long and costs $ 3,800, and the university expects to attract thousands of students every year. The Wharton School will use Coinbase Commerce, the US cryptocurrency exchange e-commerce platform, to accept cryptocurrencies.

Wharton is currently offering an introductory course on cryptocurrency and blockchain through Coursera, an online education platform, which is part of a more comprehensive Fintech or FinTech course.

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Business School came with news earlier this year when it received a generous gift of $ 5 million in Bitcoin. An anonymous donor donated $ 5 million, roughly equal to 118 BTC, in May. The Wharton School is said to have promptly exchanged a donation to Fiat, which at the time of writing was over $ 7 million.

As Cointelegraph reported, the World Economic Forum recently collaborated on a blockchain and digital asset project at the Wharton School. The project, led by Professor Kevin Werbach, aims to address the commercial and regulatory aspects of distributed ledger technology.

Source: CoinTelegraph