Frank Holmes, CEO / CIO of US Global Investors, estimates that Bitcoin and Ethereum could hit $ 80,000 and $ 3,000, respectively, in 2021. He also sees the potential for Bitcoin to fall to $ 20,000 and Ethereum to $ 20,000. 500 dollars. This ubiquitous presence is drawn from a philosophy he calls DNA mutability.

DNA fluctuations
According to Holmes, each asset class has its own DNA of volatility, or a typical percentage of price volatility over a period of time. He finds it particularly interesting that there are similar vibrations from two different sources. In this interview, he points out that the DNA from Tesla oscillations is the same as that of Ethereum.

The S&P 500 stock market is 1%. Gold 1%. Gold reserves 2%. But Tesla is 5%. Ethereum 5%. Bitcoin 5%.
So why do these seemingly disconnected sources share the same fluctuating DNA? Holmes believes that a higher level of volatility indicates the asset’s turbulence. Tesla is disrupting the auto industry and cryptocurrency is disrupting the global financial sector. Although these assets are in very different industries, they are both agents of change that create the same uncertainty and price fluctuations.

Bitcoin becomes art
The crypto area is known for its very high Bitcoin price predictions. Some, like Dan Held, believe that Bitcoin can be worth up to $ 1,000,000 per coin. But if Bitcoin reaches even a third of that number, how will it happen?

“I heard that it would be what would bring it to $ 400,000, that it would be art. It will be classified as a collectible. ”
After 3-4 years along the way, Holmes suggests that bitcoin will still have value as an art, even if it isn’t the excellent digital money it was originally created for. This is similar to owning Bitcoin with Andy Warhol’s original listing, except that Bitcoin is more transactional.

“This is awesome … restricted access!”

Source: CoinTelegraph