Most of them know Laszlo Hanitsa as “Bitcoin Pizza”, but this description ignores his role as an early Bitcoin developer. Hanek was one of those who provided MacOS support to the early Bitcoin client (BTC) and even invented GPU mining.

Hanyecz joined Bitcoin in early 2010 and worked with Satoshi Nakamoto for almost a year. Their work was mainly related to fixing many bugs, and then came to Apple's compatibility with bitcoins: Satoshi Nakamoto did not own a Mac and did not know how to develop it for the Apple OS.

“Bitcoin basically didn't work on a Mac. So I moved it to this. Satoshi actually asked me to make versions for macOS. I was going to build because he didn't have a Mac. He didn't know how to make it for Mac. So I did, and it was actually my binary being published. “

Use Windows Satoshi
Satoshi Bitcoin is developed using a Windows PC. Perhaps this is an unusual choice for those who are very interested in information and privacy – Linux naturally supports this effort. It may also support the idea that Satoshi was not a professional programmer.

These details about operating system selection add a little bit to the overall mystery of Satoshi's profile. Maybe the crypto community will be able to gather the whole picture into parts.

Source: CoinTelegraph