While buying 0.01 Bitcoin (BTC) costs only $ 500 today, current trends in the global distribution of wealth and the impending realization of limited Bitcoin offerings could result in 0.01 Bitcoins being valued at $ 1 million in the future.

According to Credit Suisse’s Global Wealth Report 2020, there are 51.9 million people whose net worth is over $ 1 million. The index assesses a person’s net worth, as well as his or her financial assets and assets, while subtracting debts and liabilities.

Despite the fact that millionaires make up only 1% of the world’s population (childless), they own 43% of the world’s wealth.

According to Credit Suisse’s Individual Wealth Distribution, 175,700 people are worth more than $ 50 million. Of these, 55,800 had assets of at least $ 100 million, and 4410 had assets in excess of $ 500 million.

Final Bitcoin offer will reach 98% in 10 years

Bitcoin display and associated inflation. Source: Medium.com/@CryptoProfG
As of March 1, the total supply of bitcoins is 18.64 million bitcoins, and 2.37 million are recoverable coins. In ten years, the supply will reach 20.6 million, or 98% of the 21 million coins out of the total supply.

When you remove 1.9 million coins that have not been used for more than ten years from the Bitcoin supply limit, there is a cap of 19.2 million Bitcoins left for millionaires around the world. There is still 0.37 BTC per millionaire, including coins that have yet to be returned, assuming Bitcoin’s offerings are evenly divided among the listed millionaires.

However, if each Bitcoin remained stable for five years or more, there would be a cap of 14.57 million BTC available for accumulation. In this scenario, each of the world’s millionaires can own only 0.28 Bitcoins each, provided the offer is distributed evenly.

In the future, the rich will fight for 0.01 BTC.
In addition to certified millionaires, there are 590 million people whose net worth exceeds $ 100,000. These people cannot be ignored as potential owners, even if their purchasing power is less.

Assuming that the global wealth share shown in the above chart remains the same, millionaires account for 6.32 million coins from the remaining supply of Bitcoin, assuming each person has the opportunity to purchase 0.12 BTC each.

The remaining 590 million people, which are currently valued at $ 100,000 or more, may have an additional 5.9 million coins, which equates to 0.01 BTC per adult.

To conclude, buying 0.01 BTC today, which is roughly $ 500 at current prices, could secure the up of 13%. When comparing the relative concentration of wealth in the fiat and bitcoin markets, 13% of the richest bitcoins have the same privacy as millionaires.

Source: CoinTelegraph