Today’s residents grew up mostly as digital natives, and enjoyed the wonders of computer entertainment from a young age. For children it can be online games, for teenagers it can be virtual social interactions, and for adults it can be a mixture of work and play. Time and time again, however, social interactions are proving to be the most successful form of online entertainment, transforming games into new and more realistic experiences.

Thus, the line between the real and the virtual is erased, and reality is accelerated by coding. With the token and the resulting die-hard tokens (NFTs), data and other assets valued by real-world people are digitized and can be viewed or used virtually. For this reason, unique assets become more valuable and digital worlds become more attractive.

Cardinal Entertainment has set itself the task of giving players the beginning of an endless world of Zombie NFT called Zoombies. Zombies can be collected as valuable assets as standard NFTs, but they have the added ability to interact with what can only be described as “Disney World for Adult NFTs.” Since its launch, Zoombies NFT and ZOOM Token have proven successful, ranking No. 2 on Moonriver Top Tokens, a position they have held since their launch in September.

Unlike current gaming experiences, Zoombies NFT continues to benefit when interacting in small interactions, each representing a different area of ​​the game known as “service centers”. Zoombie’s NFT contract and ZOOM token give members the opportunity to take part in a truly immersive socio-economic game.

The future of the social and economic game
To revolutionize the games of the future, Zoombies operates as an ERC-721 NFT trading card game on the Moonriver blockchain. Moonbeam Foundation, a partner in the Zoombies project, is a promising blockchain developer and has recently developed a blockchain compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) running on Kusam. Users can compare the scenario if Bitcoin (BTC) is the bank, Ethereum (ETH) is Walmart, Kusama (Polkadot) is the mall that will use its underlying store infrastructure.

Zoombie’s service centers serve as the backbone of the Zoom economy. In this real economy, players will face real costs and huge profit potential when participating in a fun game. As users are dealing with different servers, they will encounter different rules or interfaces, which may be related to the launch of Zoombies NFT on Kusam Moon River on September 1, 2021.

The minting application is currently very simple and is the first step in a series of future developments. Users can create limited edition NFTs and burn ZOOM tokens into a bet-like system by logging in to the store. Since then, the project team has shared plans to make it possible to carry tokens across multiple chains, including Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX) and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), to create a super-game package with cross-chain savings.

In terms of development, Cardinal Entertainment has announced the launch of Zoombies NFT Market and Zoombies NFT Garden in Q4 2021. The first is a specialized NFT auction designed specifically for the ZOOM economy. The latter is based on the virtual game Zombie Pets from Cardinal Entertainment and aims to guide zombie plants through animated life cycles using a real-time clock that allows players to earn resources in the game.

Other developments on the 2022 horizon include the zombie battlefield, group management services and trade.

Build an endless world
The creation of an infinite world goes back to subsystems and supersystems built on this foundation, combining the boundless power of many minds working to achieve a common goal. Without built-in royalties, studios can easily develop an instrument or game and make money, making the deal a win-win.

As they reflect on their progress toward this goal, a member of the team shares:

“Since we started developing Zoombies in 2017, our goal has been to create an endless universe of collectibles that continue to grow in value for their owners over time by independently creating an NFT service level for data consumption in the chain.”

As a result, the team proposes new ideas for service centers and provides additional support to strategic partners in the implementation of these concepts.

Source: CoinTelegraph