Olympic bobsleigh Johnny Quinn is the latest superstar athlete to take an orange pill. On his Twitter thread, he shared his best Bitcoin (BTC) education and praised the Bitcoin class in 2022.

Aside from directing fans to digest his reading list, “No excuses. Do it,” Quinn said, “Under no circumstances do you take orders from the mainstream. They’re confused.”

His claim has been backed up by a number of media reports and headlines since September 2017 showing major institutional players such as Visa, JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs making a complete transformation in Bitcoin.

The most powerful 180-degree rotation is JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon. From the CEO who criticized Bitcoin in 2017, the world’s largest investment bank is now promoting Bitcoin as an investment vehicle:

And in a speech to the wise, the Olympian also suggested avoiding the “boys of the moon.” Moonboys usually encourage risky trading practices in search of a Lamborghini or, more recently, offer non-fungible tokens to their followers, usually YouTubers and crypto-influencers. Instead, Quinn suggested:

“Dollar value, dissecting your bitcoin position over a longer period of time (without impact) is a game.”
Coin Joins Promising List of Bitcoin Athlete Brothers From NFL stars and NBA champions who earn their annual salaries in bitcoin, to the humble Bedford Football Club that put “bitcoin at heart,” competitive sports is a hotbed of bitcoin adoption.

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Cowen began tweeting about bitcoin in early 2021, after taking one of Michael Saylor’s online “Bitcoin for All” courses last fall. Since then, he has become a staunch supporter of bitcoin, which is undoubtedly a self-promotion.

The Twitter thread “Coach Quinn, Bitcoin Class of 2021” was well received by the Bitcoin Twitter community as well as 19,000 followers. US-based founder of Swan Bitcoin, Cory Swan, retweeted the topic, saying, “Great topic for new coins!”

Source: CoinTelegraph