Unstoppable Domains co-founder Bradley Cam believes that neither anti-crypto bills nor tech giants pose a real threat to the future of the internet. In his view, both governments and giant platforms are helping us enter the era of the decentralized web, he told Cointelegraph:

“It was a story from a rumored story that the internet was working fine, I think until a few years ago, I thought the story was almost gone. And there are a lot of things, whether it was the anti-encryption laws that I mentioned or Barack Obama hacked Twitter. <... > So I think the larger the technology monopolies, the more technology monopolies exploit their power, the better the argument and the more clear the case for decentralized web technology. ”
Tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter, meanwhile, have come under fire for censorship and lack of censorship. Kam said that the decentralized network could solve both problems. In his opinion, there will be dozens of Facebook-like DApps in the future that will compete with each other. One of the differences between the two will be the different ways in which freedom of expression is approached:

“At the moment, if Facebook decides to filter your data, you have gone away from the internet, and you have no choice. So what Facebook decides is defining freedom of expression. This is the end of the free speech line. In this: There will be 40 Facebook in the future world, and they will have them.” Various lines for what they call the correct line of free speech. So if you are eliminated from one of them, you can still remain in the other. ”
It is believed that this may lead to chaos, but it is important to secure the future of free speech:

The internet will be messy. There could be dozens of releases at the same time. But there will also be someone standing up for speech, which is absolutely necessary to post, but can also filter out the things that 99.999% of us are against. ”
However, one of the reasons Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google has turned into monopolies must be taken into account – the network effect. The more people join these platforms, the more useful they are. A new social network like Facebook, but with more advanced technologies, it cannot compete with the original, because no matter how cool it is, if no one uses it, it is useless. This is why decentralized clones like Steem fought so desperately to break out of the confines of the crypto ghetto. For Facebook 40 to revive the original, it must be at least compatible.

Domains that cannot be stopped have recently introduced many new features such as dChat.

Source: CoinTelegraph