Bitcoin (BTC) again proposes willingness to raise prices as indicators of an upward rally.

According to the latest data this week, Puell Multiple and Mayer Multiple indicate long-term buying opportunities.

Puell More indicates BTC price hikes
According to Philip Swift, creator of Look Into Bitcoin, an analytical resource, Puell Multiple has added a new green zone that has traditionally chosen the lowest Bitcoin market.

In a market report, Cointelegraph Swift presented a chart depicting rare cases when such a movement occurred – recently it was only during the crash in March and December 2018. In both cases, Bitcoin experienced significant growth potential.

He concluded, “Half the trading volume gave investors the opportunity to receive bitcoins based on an important form of bitcoin valuation.”

Puell Multiple takes today's emissions from BTC and divides them into moving averages for the year. Thus, events in half, which reduce the output by 50%, are key.

Meyer more cement position
Puell is accompanied by Mayer Multiple, another classic Bitcoin index located on June 20 within the region, which, as Trace Mayer creator discovered, gives the best increase in long-term investments.

When it comes to Bitcoin price multiplier above the 200-day moving average, Mayer says that rating below 2.4 means the threshold of success.

During the press, the ratio was 1.13 – much lower than this level. Additionally, historically, the result has been over 50% of the time.

Mayer himself stressed that the index does not buy or sell advice, but rather a strategic tool for long-term stockholders.

Meanwhile, as reported by Cointelegraph, various accounts currently indicate that the future of BTC / USD will be optimistic. It includes major elements, with network difficulties increasing this week further in just one amendment since January 2018.

Source: CoinTelegraph