Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey has called on his supporters to donate bitcoins to #endSARS, which aims to end police brutality in Nigeria.

The cryptocurrency donation site it links to is run by a group of Nigerian feminists who are fighting the Anti-Theft Special Police Force (SARS) through protests, fundraising and social media.

On October 4, a series of demonstrations began in Nigeria as thousands of people took to the streets to protest against Nigerian police brutality and called for a solution to SARS using the hashtag #endSARS.

Several cryptocurrencies like BuyCoins and Busha have also donated to this cause.

Ray Yusuf, CEO of the popular Bitcoin peer-to-peer trading platform in Africa, also used the hashtag #endSARS, accusing the police of unfairly targeting youth for the use of the cryptocurrency and said that this is a “real human rights crisis happening now!”

Jack Dorsey has been supporting Bitcoin for many years. He previously said that Bitcoin “is probably the best” original currency on the Internet because it is “consensus-based” and “made by everyone.”

Dorsey Square Inc, a payments company, created a new open-source nonprofit to hold crypto patents. Square joined MicroStrategy last week as a large Bitcoin-listed company, purchasing $ 50 million in BTC. The news made headlines, including major newspapers around the world, such as The Scotsman, who said the move had “set off a wave across America”.

Source: CoinTelegraph