Bitcoin (BTC) has taken more than just a hit in the markets. The orange coin received a cool reception when Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan welcomed his Salvadoran counterpart, Neba Bukele, to the Turkish capital to discuss a range of topics. Although Bitcoin has not become a topic of conversation, this has not stopped the rumor mill on Twitter from growing to the limit.

As part of the state visit, Bukele and Erdogan began with an official ceremony. Shortly afterwards, they opened a new embassy in El Salvador before agreeing on six agreements covering economics, trade, defense, diplomacy and education.

The agreements aim to increase trade between the two countries to $ 500 million over five years. The trading volumes for 2020 and 2021 were $ 27 million and almost $ 50 million, respectively.

The mainstream media kept a close eye on whether Bukele wanted to try Erdogan’s orange pills. However, neither bitcoin nor cryptocurrency was mentioned during Thursday’s hearing.

This has not stopped Twitter from speculating and lying to fans about the nature of the meeting. A coordinated information explosion of fake Twitter accounts imitating popular parodies of Deltaone, Zerohedge and Bukele LaDictatore accounts also announced that Turkey would declare Bitcoin a legal tender by February 2022.

The ad is fake. Your LaDictatore account has since been suspended, but a screenshot of their ad remains active on:

Within hours of the fake news, the bitcoin bulls regrouped to drive the price up to $ 43,000 before plunging to $ 38,000 this morning.

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As the Turkish lira continues to fall, analysts expect Bukele to defend the Bitcoin case. Given that the Turkish ruling party recently held a meeting in the Metversi region, the situation is likely to change. And if a discussion took place on Thursday, then behind closed doors.

Source: CoinTelegraph