A former black hat hacker named Gammo claims to have amassed around $7 billion worth of bitcoin (BTC).

Despite an influx of positive comments and reports of his interview on Soft White Underbelly’s YouTube channel, which has 3.18 million subscribers, information about Gummo is not available anywhere else. This could either be a design or a hint that some salt might be needed when listening to his excessive demands.

According to him, he has been working in this field for more than 30 years. Although he started hacking for illegal reasons and was caught by the authorities, he has since gone on to good jobs – thanks to his wife’s support and advice – such as threat research, web security, and developer consulting.

The latest comments come as part of a follow-up interview published on Saturday after the first discussion took place at the end of 2020. During the first video, Gummo stated that he built four Bitcoin mining supercomputers when they cost roughly $200 to $300. Back. In 2013, he generated over 80,000 bitcoins in a year and a half.

According to him, he has now collected about 179,000 BTC. If his shares were calculated at current prices, he would be ranked the 369th richest person in the world according to the 2021 Forbes list of world billionaires:

I am very rich. Yeah, you don’t have to work if I don’t choose. I have a bitcoin worth over seven billion dollars. ”

Jomo has stated that his current hacking job is not motivated by wanting to get a job or money, but by helping the little guy, as he emphasized the importance of choosing the right thing to do and protecting people from evil on the internet.

“Knowing that I don’t let someone’s grandma fall victim to online bullying is something I stand for every single day and it’s what motivates me at the moment,” he said.

Speaking about the dark side of technological progress, Jomo warned that hacking has rapidly evolved from “endless JavaScript pop-ups” with unwanted computers to using data and software as weapons against humans:

“The landscape is getting darker and weirder as more and more people want to chase their fortune. Whether it’s stealing cryptocurrencies or stealing the traditional banking system.”
“The fact that governments are now waging war against the mere idea of ​​software distribution is very frightening and, unfortunately, this will become the new reality of society,” he added.

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Looking at the responses to both interviews, it seems that Gummo quickly became a likable character due to his backstory, which includes a difficult upbringing, loss of loved ones, and a major transition from the dark side of hacking to helping people online.

The last video got 14,000 likes and countless positive comments about the character, while the first video got 144,000 likes and the same feeling in the comment box.

“This guy inspired me to get into cybersecurity with good intentions. I’m a broke teacher and I love teaching because it helps students not focus on the paycheck. Now I’m too old to teach. Cybersecurity is a new profession to pay the bills, but Jomo has given the profession more value and it will continue. Now a career has also made the world a better place. Thank you Jomo,” wrote YouTuber Zim Petrikor.

User quicklern818 stated, “I don’t think we’ll ever see this guy again, and in the way I see fit, he’s like a guardian angel working behind the scenes and always watching. He sends love to him and his family and thanks for all his hard work.”

Source: CoinTelegraph