Coinone, one of the four largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, has reopened its offline customer center in Seoul. The center originally opened in September 2017, but has since been closed due to the company’s decision to focus on other activities, according to a report by The Korea Herald on Thursday.

Oslo Børs is now resuming offline services for customers after a 20-fold increase in new digital currency exchanger registrations in the first quarter of this year. As of the end of this month, the Herald reports that Coinone has only about two million users.

In addition to reopening the offline center, Coinone will double its staff to accommodate a number of new customers’ requests for information and assistance.

This trend of resuming personalized customer service seems to be spreading in South Korea, as Bithumb – the country’s second largest exchange if it has been hectic lately – opened a disconnected hub in the capital earlier this week. Corbett’s fellow exchange is also reportedly considering a similar move.

The event reflects the upbeat atmosphere in the cryptocurrency market in South Korea, where Bitcoin (BTC) recently resumed trading on Kimchi Premium and surged to annual highs. Crypto enthusiasm also appears to have spread to local share prices, as companies holding shares in some of the country’s largest cryptocurrency exchange operators have made significant strides in recent weeks.

Analysts also predict that South Korean group Kakao, which owns a stake in operator Upbit Dunamu and is heavily involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, is likely to take advantage of the new Korean digital currency market next year.

Source: CoinTelegraph