The top 10 Google searches related to cryptocurrencies show an increase in curiosity among regular investors, represented by two whys, three whats, and five hows.

What people end up searching on Google gives a rough idea of ​​the real worldview and often reveals their interest, fear, and a range of other emotions about a given topic. To gauge investor sentiment in a bear market that has yet to bottom, Cointelegraph scoured the web to find the top questions about cryptocurrencies.

The top 10 Google searches related to cryptocurrencies show an increase in curiosity among regular investors, represented by two whys, three whats, and five hows. Let’s go through the top crypto-related Google searches, from highest to lowest.

What is a cryptocurrency
Even after thirteen years of destroying traditional finance, the most popular question investors ask Google is “what is cryptocurrency”. With a global search volume (GV) of 256,000, this Google search eclipses the second largest crypto-related Google search by nearly fivefold (4.7).

This points to a gap – and a huge opportunity – in educating the masses about cryptocurrencies. Despite the apparent conflict of interest, crypto entrepreneurs from around the world have put their differences aside and agreed that educating the masses about cryptocurrencies can act as a catalyst for mass adoption.

What is crypto
Surprisingly, the second most asked question about cryptocurrencies is just a repeat of the main question, which is “what is a cryptocurrency”. The question fixed GV 54,000, which combined with its predecessor, strengthens the case for educating the masses about cryptocurrencies.

The “what” question underscores the lack of understanding among the masses and the need to shorten the learning curve for new and aspiring investors.

How to invest in cryptocurrency
In third place in Google search popularity is the first investment-related question: “How to invest in cryptocurrency?”. With GV 44,000, Google’s question shows a growing interest in crypto investing despite the ongoing bear market.

The keywords also underscore the need to simplify the process of investing in cryptocurrencies. This includes redesigning trading platforms to make them more intuitive for new investors moving away from traditional funding.

What is crypto mining
Fourth place with GV 37,000 comes from a Google search, which is surprisingly the most natural progression one can make in an in-depth study of the crypto ecosystem – “what is crypto mining”.

Investors with a basic understanding of the crypto ecosystem tend to try mining as a means of earning passive income from cryptocurrencies. The idea of ​​repurposing an old computer to earn crypto by supporting the network is a popular quest that has been relevant since the early days of cryptocurrencies. However, ready-made mining rigs have enabled beginners to consider crypto mining as a viable career.

How to buy cryptocurrency
Given the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, searching “how to buy cryptocurrencies” ranks fifth in Google’s list of top cryptocurrency-related keywords. A GV of 36,000 shows a clear interest in buying cryptocurrencies.

Bear markets are often seen as the perfect time for high-yield investing. As prices fall, existing and new investors compete to find such assets as the market prepares for a bullish return.

Why crypto falls
The fallout from protracted bear markets has seeped to the top of Google searches as investors struggled to find answers to the question “why cryptocurrency fails.” The 2022 bear market proved disastrous for multiple crypto ecosystems, destroying millions of dollars overnight. A Google search returned 33,000 GV.

The continued free fall in prices, coupled with the lack of apparent support to cushion the fall, has fueled negative investor sentiment around the world. Despite the losses, however, inflation in traditional finance has forced investors to reconsider Bitcoin (BTC) and other popular cryptocurrencies as a hedge against falling purchasing power.

How cryptocurrency works
The most common question asked by today’s investors, “How does cryptocurrency work” ranks as the seventh most searched cryptocurrency question on Google with a GV of 27,000.


Source: CoinTelegraph