On Friday, the Kingdom of Tonga witnessed a shock wave caused by a strong volcanic eruption of the Hong Kong – Tonga – Hongga – Hapai groups.

After the first, several eruptions followed, as a result of which the inhabitants of Tongatapu, the main island of Tonga, faced a tsunami.

Amidst the difficulties, crypto holders expressed their sympathy and intent to donate Bitcoin (BTC) to help relief operations. Twitter user Onair Blair has called on bitcoin supporter and former Tongan lawmaker Lord Fossetwa to create a wallet address where people can donate bitcoin to help Tonga.

With waves up to 1.2 meters (about 4 feet) high covering roads and property, people began to flee to higher ground. As of this writing, no injuries have been reported. However, air and water pollution is currently an urgent concern for relief organizations.

Lord Fusitwa responded with the address of a BTC wallet and a link where people can donate the money order to help with relief operations. Since Sunday, the address has received a total of 0.10794983 BTC ($4625.29).

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On Friday, Lord Fausitwa told Cointelegraph of plans to use the geothermal energy of volcanoes to mine bitcoin, which will help the country’s economy. There are 21 volcanoes in the country, and according to Lord Fusitwa, “each volcano produces 95,000 megawatts at any given time, which leaves a lot to be desired.” Lord noted that a single volcano could generate $2,000 worth of bitcoin per day, and this would be given to Tongan families.

The former lawmaker also noted that the country is in the process of copying El Salvador’s move to legally tender for bitcoin. In a series of tweets published on Wednesday, Lord Fausitwa said this could happen in November or December this year.

Source: CoinTelegraph