The use of the Stellar network may be part of the secret ingredient of the tokens providing asset protection and automatic staking.

When Bitcoin (BTC) was first launched in 2009, critics were quick to ask questions about the impact the lack of support would have on the asset. This negative view persisted after the US went off the gold standard in 1971. While fiat currencies have no intrinsic value, this thought process was enough to discourage risk-averse investors from investing in cryptocurrencies and discourage others from using them in their daily lives. -day transaction.

Although the cryptocurrency is unstable, it still has advantages over traditional fiat currencies. As a result, finding a more stable cryptocurrency can be beneficial for regions where local currencies are highly insecure.

In part, this led to the creation of the global Ixinium XXA token. The token was created using a physical backup with force majeure protection. Users can compare this to the fact that all Ixinium Foundation bars are insured by custodial service providers at full replacement cost. Most recently, the team initiated a 2020 precious metals buying program that is still ongoing.

Using the power of Stellar (XLM), the XXA cryptocurrency could theoretically offer higher value than traditional spot gold and other electronic safe assets. To further reinforce this, the Ixinium team has spent the last few months testing the XXA token buyback feature, which has moved from process testing to live beta testing. This process increases the base value of the Ixinium XXA token and creates bullion collateral that is more significant than the market value of the XXA token.

The XXA buyback feature is a step forward as the team marked a major milestone by revealing the XXA burn schedule earlier this month. It has since been revealed that half of the XXA issued will be burned by the end of 2022, reducing the total supply from 540 million to less than 270 million, further increasing the scarcity of these tokens.

Turn the bet upside down
The project began with the goal of offering low-cost and instant mobile payment transfers to anywhere in the world in a more decentralized global marketplace. The team talks first-hand about how expensive transactions can be and the inconvenience they can cause to customers. The Ixinium team then considered the Stellar network as one of the fastest and most affordable cryptocurrency payment networks available today. Going forward, Stellar is estimated to be able to secure over 20 million transactions for less than $100 with a transaction speed of 2-5 seconds.

However, XXA is not limited to mobile transfers; The team is also introducing staking into their ecosystem. Staking has gained popularity as a widespread feature in the decentralized world and is one of the most common ways to earn more tokens. Users can autostake XXA using any non-custodial Stellar wallet, as long as you can use it to add lines of trust. Users are then eligible for rewards as long as the XXA is held in the wallet. If you transfer XXA to another address, you will receive rewards instead of your account.

Engage in other networks
The team is assuring their community that Stellar’s biggest update is coming and could be just what it takes to “take Ixinium to the next level.” Specifically, Stellar is looking to unlock decentralized finance (DeFi) and automated market maker (AMM) features that will power buyback, liquidity pooling, coin burning, and lending features in XXA.

The Ixinium team also intends to expand its development and production on the Binance (BNB) and Ethereum (ETH) networks. There are currently plans to release the Ixinium Finance DeFi application on the Binance network, which will offer a lucrative fee structure that may be more generous to liquidity providers. As for the Ethereum network, Ethereum XXA is also in development as a gold-backed token with a fixed supply and additional features.

Source: CoinTelegraph