Consumer prices are now rising faster than in previous years, a concept known as inflation. Today, prices have already risen more than 6% last year, which is a very significant increase, and there have been no such figures since 1990. In the last ten years, inflation has generally remained below 2% per year. However, the latest data showed that the figure this year is close to 5%, with residents seeing an increase in what they pay for energy, housing, used vehicles and food.

The federal government is working to keep this growth stable, but is now signaling to everyone that it is time to expect high inflation as a direct product of industries trying to return to normal. But while this pressure is said to lay the foundation for more consistent growth in the future, many have found that this is not the case with assumptions that will hold in the future. In this regard, many Fed officials have already admitted that inflation will continue much longer than expected.

The GOMA token aims to change this gloomy perspective through an object- and technology-driven community to help society remain financially sustainable. Giving the team an Ultra-Finite Decentralized Funding (DeFi) token will give holders the opportunity to preserve their wealth, even increase it through pricing and increased profitability. With these provisions, the GOMA token team believes that they can handle periods of inflation that wipe out a person’s wealth.

Five months after the launch of the token, 90% of all existing GOMAs were removed from circulation through a process called burning, leaving about 100 trillion tokens left, which is only 10%.

when two meet
In practical terms, the GOMA ecosystem requires two actions with tokens, one of which acts as a value stabilizer and stimulates a constant demand for the ecosystem – a token called GOMAx. GOMAx is designed to redistribute or reverse Binance Coin (BNB) to those who have it by looking at their current GOMA: to GOMax ratio. The platform will then reallocate 3% of each transaction to token holders. In addition, the GOMax token acts as a qualification level certificate, indicating that the holder will have the right to earn a portion of the Binance coin in the reversal pool. However, users need to maintain a certain balance to unlock these profits and encourage asset acquisition.

The second token is GOMA, the ecosystem’s most important token. GOMA is used for all storage, farming, non-fungible token (NFT) and redistribution activities, with a number of other limited supply tokens such as TORII available for users to earn through GOMA shares. In addition, GOMA offers management functions so that the team can gather community consensus to influence the future development of the network.

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These two symbols are combined into GOMA.FI, a dashboard that provides ecosystem reward measurements and other information, as well as other tools needed to help citizens increase their wealth instead of losing it to inflation. GOMA.FI then becomes a hotspot for two tokens where the ecosystem thrives.

Bring DeFi to the fairs
The team’s valuable ecosystem is built around the tools and mechanisms that make DeFi and NFT available to the public, and the team knows firsthand how DeFi can transform the future by building a strong community first. Strategic partnerships, including the GOMA token partnership with and TORII Finance, provided the basis for future growth, along with announcements that the team joined the first centralized exchange (CEX).

So far, the success has been proven by the growth of the token by 376,000% compared to the original starting price in July 2021.

Source: CoinTelegraph