Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin, left the cryptocurrency community exactly ten years ago: “I went on to other things.”

Over the years, Bitcoin (BTC) has grown from a mysterious esoteric business to a trillion dollar asset, attracting the attention of governments, financial institutions, companies and investors. Despite dozens of plausible theories, Nakamoto’s identity remains elusive, with an estimated inflow of 1 million BTC.

With a current BTC price of around $ 54,000, Nakamoto’s expected net worth is around $ 54 billion. As the Cointelegraph recently suggested, the $ 182,000 BTC award that many crypto enthusiasts consider potential will make Nakamoto the richest man in the world. Bitcoin peaked at over $ 64,000 earlier this month before correcting downward.

The mystery surrounding Nakamoto was the subject of a March interview with Cointelegraph Brazil with Dustin de Trammel, one of the first cypher punks to mine digital currencies. In this interview, Trammell suggested that Nakamoto would hardly work with an e-money protocol before Bitcoin, given their “impartiality” in the implementation of the new technology.

To explain:

“In retrospect, it seems that Satoshi is not trying to solve a technical problem, but rather a social problem. Systemic problem with the old economic system. However, they were very technology-focused at the time, so some philosophical questions could be overlooked or underestimated. Those who do not follow enough. ”
While Bitcoin did not meet the requirements of all tenants in Nakamoto’s original 2008 white paper, its proven monetary policy made it an attractive store with value. At the moment, the story of Bitcoin as a permanent “digital gold” resonates with large investors.

It is not entirely clear whether Nakamoto will reappear – or whether they are still alive, for that matter – but the cryptocurrency community has come to terms with the founder’s anonymity. Nakamoto’s work led to the widespread adoption of blockchain technology in a new spirit of decentralization. This spirit was recently listed on Cointelegraph’s 100 Best Players, with the most influential crypto person as “all of us” contributing to a more decentralized world:

“In these networks, where we often participate under a pseudonym, we feel the opportunity to take back some of what we have lost, due to increasingly centralized organizations that collect our data, violate our privacy, establish the conditions we can exchange values and determine the level of financial risk to which we are exposed. “

Source: CoinTelegraph