A fully digital alternative world is using virtual reality to transform social interaction and content consumption – and it has already garnered support from leading entertainment brands.

The ambitious Sensorium Galaxy project recently got a big boost when TIDAL – the world-famous streaming service owned by JAY-Z, Rihanna and Daft Punk – bought $ 7 million in SENSO tokens. The platform currency allows users to access content ranging from avatar add-ons to event tickets.

This collaboration gives the Sensorium Galaxy a boost with the start of live broadcasts and strives to become a leader in virtual reality entertainment and social media – and helps advance TIDAL’s goal of providing fans with a unique experience unparalleled anywhere else.

Describing the agreement, TIDAL CEO Leore Thebone said: “Our relationship with Sensorium gives the opportunity to obtain exclusive rights for a list of famous artists to broadcast their shows and music exclusively on Sensorium’s virtual entertainment worlds.

“Sensorium Galaxy is a next-generation entertainment platform that will strengthen the connection between fans and their favorite artists and bring the artist’s vision to life in new and exciting ways.”

Platform in time
Sensorium Corporation began developing its platform back in 2018 with the exclusive support of billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov Forbes and has raised over $ 100 million in investments since then. But in 2020, virtual reality technology suddenly took on a new meaning when the coronavirus pandemic canceled festivals, concerts and other live music shows.

Since culture enthusiasts cannot participate in the arenas personally, virtual reality can be used to create engaging virtual environments with seamless interactions. Users can create complex and distinctive virtual representations of themselves – customize their looks and personality traits, meet loved ones and meet new people in Sensorium virtual worlds. They can also participate in unique events created in cooperation with the world’s leading media and entertainment companies. They include Jean Bissenim, the mastermind of Ushuaia Ibiza which is Ibiza, Tidal and dance star Sergei Bollonin.

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Sensorium Galaxy is built on the Unreal Engine 4 and gives users access to the culture they most need. Referring to the TIDAL deal, CEO Brian Keane said, “In virtual reality, there are no rules for your body or mind, the only limit is your imagination. It allows you to meet regardless of real-world distances, explore a wide range of virtual movement, and experience art in a new way. Completely, by simply changing perspective, approaching artists, and enjoying performances in worlds other than anything you have seen before. ”

A VR headset is recommended for full enjoyment, but in order to attract the largest possible number of users, Sensorium Galaxy is also available through dedicated apps for PC, iOS and Android devices.

TIDAL’s involvement with Sensorium comes on the heels of another collaboration with the legendary Pissenem nightclub, which has been instrumental in creating the vibrant club mix in Ibiza. Through this partnership, Pissenem will be the driving force behind the creation of a virtual world of electronic music at the Sensorium Galaxy.

Source: CoinTelegraph