As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to evolve, a clear theme has become a constant – the need to move towards a renewable energy world. Green Life Energy Global (GNL) is a project that sees a future where encryption can be part of the solution.

“GNL aims to further lift the blockchain by creating not only the next big crypto asset, but also transforming the entire financial sector in terms of electricity payments and recycling,” the project says.

To realize this vision, GNL wants to start with the proceeds from its first coin offering (ICO). The project claims it will directly invest 50% of the funds raised in the construction of solar parks, wind farms and other renewable energy projects around the world.

For investors, the incentive lies in the ability to contribute to the creation of clean energy sources. GNL says it gives token holders the opportunity to receive great rewards through improvement, commitment, and constant thinking.

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The GNL Power Token is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The BEP-20 token is for payments and has a maximum amount of 500,000,000. The project uses an automatic LP approach, which means that each transaction helps to automatically create a pool of liquidity.

The project also taxes 5% of those who decide to sell tokens, of which 3% will be donated to existing GNL token holders. The remaining 2% goes to the liquidity pool.

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GNL says the wallet allows users to easily switch between 100 different cryptocurrencies.

The project will also burn 50,000,000 GNL tokens over 74 weeks, after which it will decide when and when additional burns will be performed.

The road to a green future
After the completion of the ICO, the path to GNL includes the distribution of non-mushroom tokens (NFT), the creation of a decentralized exchange (DEX), and even its own blockchain. Once the DEX is up and running, token holders can participate in breeding and tipping to generate more passive income.

To improve efforts to green our planet, GNL plans to partner with renewable energy and recycling companies. The company has already partnered with JDForestry and Envestlab in the UK, where it plans to build a solar cell plant next year, before expanding its renewable energy efforts around the world.

In addition to wind and solar power, GNL plans to produce energy from biomass, a carbon-neutral organic energy source derived from plants and animals. GNL said that by purchasing the necessary soil, it will increase its renewable energy potential by planting deciduous trees and harvesting willow.

“Green Life Energy Global is here to change the entire financial sector in terms of paying for renewables, as well as make the world a better place by taking action to tackle climate change,” GNL told Cointelegraph, adding: “Remember, if it’s not green – not we “.

Source: CoinTelegraph