The Crypto Core Scientific miner is set to become North America’s first joint repair center for the largest manufacturer of Bitmain cipher mining hardware.

According to a report published by Cointelegraph, the company will provide Bitmain hardware repair services. The company says this will reduce the costs associated with shipping devices to Asia and reduce the time it takes to patch Bitmain-owned devices.

Core Scientific will also be able to perform machine repairs without warranty, with Bitmains Ant Training Academy certified engineers.

Taras Kollek, senior vice president of blockchain development at Core Scientific, highlighted China as the dominant jurisdiction in the digital mining sector. He also noted that the country is currently the world leader in Bitcoin (BTC) segmentation.

However, he acknowledged that the global diversification of cannabis has increased in recent months as other countries (especially the United States) compete for their place in the digital mining industry:

This increase in demand has increased the burden on repair services needed to maintain vehicle fleets in the United States and Canada. Most importantly, choosing Bitmain as a joint repair center will allow our customers, as well as other users of Bitmain products in North America, to reduce downtime and the cost of repairing their Bitmain equipment. ”

Russell Kahn, Senior Accountant at Core Scientifics, told Cointelegraph of the North American Regeneration Center benefits:

“The main R&D center will save customers at least the cost of shipping their machines internationally to Hong Kong. Most importantly, the downtime of the repair unit will be greatly reduced if a major US operator performs warranty repairs. Current shipping savings are estimated at $ 100 per unit, and should Having a repair center in North America reduces repair times by two weeks.

Over the past year, the U.S. cryptocurrency mining industry has seen a spike in activity, with Bitcoin’s hash rate increasing 78% from September 2019 to April 2020.

Source: CoinTelegraph