While the idea of ​​signing up for the first decentralized exchange (IDO) offer looks promising at first glance, it always turns out to be more than meets the eye. Even some of the most popular launch sites left their early investors with crumbs because whale wallets dump their assets after incredibly short maturities.

Genesis Pool (GPool) is a community-led cross-chain launcher that claims to have found a solution to the shortcomings of the current launch model. By creating a democratic platform that puts more tokens in the hands of investors, GPool aims to create a scenario in which retail investors can truly be invested.

The traditional launch pad model usually includes complex layered systems and insufficient IDO assignment. Even if the investor manages to achieve the required number of tokens, pressure from the whales often leads to a drop in the price of the token immediately after launch. GPool decided to fix these problems by simplifying the process and creating a fairer distribution of tokens.

Above all, investors who buy from the launch site with a reasonable initial investment are guaranteed exposure to the pre-sale markets. GPool also completely abolished the tiered system and made all participants equal investors with equal voting rights.

IDO for the retail investor
In keeping with the belief that the retail investor community should be at the core of the process, GPool has set aside 67% of its minted IDO tokens for whitelisting investors without subjecting them to a post-launch redemption period.

More information from the GPO here
“This will be the most generous distribution of tokens on the IDO launch site (there will be no seed or private investment) and individual distributions will range from $ 500 to $ 1,000,” the project said at the time.

GPool reported shortly thereafter that IDO’s underwriting had crossed the line and raised $ 1.27 million. The original GPool token price has risen more than 531% in one week from its initial launch price of $ 0.0038, which boosts early adopters’ confidence.

Getting ready to start
The first list of GPool tokens, DePo, was successful and is now on the launchpad. The company plans to host a total of three IDOs and is in the process of releasing a second set of offerings called Transient. The expected launch date is September 29 with a target increase of $ 1.2 billion.

Transient is a decentralized ecosystem, or as the company calls “Amazon smart contracts,” which aims to facilitate the adoption of blockchains around the world for non-programmers. Gpool plans to integrate with Omniscia, an auditing and smart contract development platform, to “complete transition missions.”

If the project becomes an important part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the GPool investor community will benefit greatly if they have a reasonable distribution of tokens – a scenario that the GPool founders highly recommend revising.

“We are negotiating projects early and encouraging them to donate most of their allocated tokens to the community to ensure that no longer pumped and emptied, and more control is transferred to the hands of community members who truly believe in the project,” GPool said. …

Over the next few months, GPool plans to expand its social ecosystem by adding a number of new features. These include Genesis stake pool, loyal investor reward (GPass), and even a token bridge in partnership with Glitch Finance that will make the platform fully interoperable.

Source: CoinTelegraph