Theta, a blockchain that enables decentralized video streaming, recently updated its network and added a number of features.

Theta mainnet now offers smart contract capabilities from the 8411427 block height, Theta Labs reported in its blog Thursday. (At release time, Theta blockchain is showing a spike of 8,411,845, so updates should already be available.)

Theta is a project that is still a continuation of the original coin boom. The project closed private sector sales to approved investors outside the United States near the end of the bubble in January 2018, and raised $ 20 million. Although many startups were either dead or complying with the regulations, theta came forward.

“The Guardian node launch threshold has been lowered to 1,000 THETA in block 8411427, for both new efforts and additions to additional efforts,” the post added.

Other additions include a new protocol info site, an updated block explorer that provides smart node data, and a release of Theta-js Javascript SDK.

The message states: “This update will not require any action or transfer of tokens from current token holders – no token exchange takes place.” The project expects more updates in the coming weeks, including a Google Chrome extension for Theta wallets.

Theta launched its network in early 2020 and made several headlines in the crypto space this year. In the middle of a year filled with positive changes in crypto room rates, Theta raised its price by more than 1000% in the first half of 2020.

Source: CoinTelegraph