Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are no longer a buzzword in the world of cryptography and blockchains, but have instead become an integral part of blockchain technology services. As NFTs become more popular, conversations about the use of NFTs are becoming more popular and beneficial to the communities that need it most.

NFT use cases are expanded if we can link them to concrete results. As collectors learn more about the reasons behind some of the most amazing NFT projects, they become more and more involved, adding value to NFT.

Uses NFT for social benefits
The growth in the NFT market strengthens the creativity when it comes to using NFT and making it useful. This in turn increases the value of the individual collection object collection, and provides increased profits for the buyers.

We recently saw Bored Apes evolve into a group called Kingship with Religious Relics which is used as an NFT for charity. Digital Art 4 Climate, for example, uses NFT to increase climate awareness. And now projects like KRebels use NFT’s collectibles to bring attention to the issue of endangered species.

More information from KREBELS here
KRebels, a unique NFT project focused on the intersection of technology, art and endangered koala species, seeks to link NFT to the koala’s situation. For their first project, they created 9999 original collectibles with a koala theme from NFT. Each collectible in the meta-verse will be used to create families, shop for food and grow as their rarity increases.

“The idea came from a team member who witnessed what happened to koalas during the forest fires in Australia. We also appreciate what some of the other NFT projects have done to donate their proceeds to charities. In this way, each team member puts their expertise at the service of the creation of KRebels, ”shares the team.

Each user who purchases KRebels NFT as part of the project will participate in supporting organizations involved in the conservation of koalas. NFT holders will also have a say in the future of the project by bringing NFT into the metaverse and using the NFT koala to earn monthly rewards.

Technology is raising awareness about endangered species
According to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) red list of endangered species, one in four mammals in the world and more than 40% of amphibians are endangered due to human activities. In addition to international treaties and laws to promote the extinction of endangered species, there is also a need to raise awareness of which species are affected and need support.

In this regard, art has always played a role in identifying social and charitable goals. Remarkable is the fact that NFTs can be used to increase information about habitats that can be crucial to the survival of our endangered species.

The NFT community is concerned with supporting each other’s projects and moving the boundaries of works of art to raise awareness of the underlying technology. Kireppels hopes they will pave the way for the development of more NFT projects focusing on the situation of endangered animals around the world.

KRebels is NFT’s flagship project focused on the intersection of cutting-edge technology, art and the rescue of endangered koalas. In his first project, the staff artist KRebels created 9999 original and completely unique NFT collectibles with a koala theme. By maintaining technical excellence and donating the income to funds, KRebels intends to contribute to preserving the environment.

Source: CoinTelegraph