As of March 1, 2020, the number of new bitcoin ATMs worldwide is approaching 10,000. According to the latest data from Coin ATM Radar, the current number of ATMs is 16,835, up 57.5% or 9683 new ATMs, up from 7,152 last year.

Back in November 2020, Cointelegraph announced a staggering 80% growth last year. As before, the vast majority of devices are still in the United States, 81% installed (13,699 out of 16,835 machines worldwide).

In the United States, growth has been outstanding: From March 1, 2020, it grew by 177%, or from 4,945 vehicles to 13,699 by March 10, 2021. Canada, the country with the second largest number of bitcoin ATMs, operates only within hours . … 1268, and makes up about 7.5% of the world’s units.

Two of the best countries monitoring Coin ATM Radar, Austria and the UK, have seen a somewhat zigzag trend in Bitcoin ATM installations over the past two years: the number of devices peaked at 266 in May 2019, and has since fallen to 153. As of this week – by 42.5%.

In the UK, the decline was less severe, reaching 283 in February 2020 from 199 on the latest data: just below the 30% drop. The figures for Europe as a whole show a fairly steady but modest growth from 1,233 cars in March 2020 to 1,273 units at present.

Coin ATM Radar Tracker, an indicator of the installation speed of crypto-ATMs, showed that 34.6 new ATMs are installed every day. The vast majority of these devices are only allowed to buy – 77.6%, with 22.4% providing support for buying and selling.

While the United States, Canada and Europe account for the majority of all cryptocurrencies in the world in the world, Hong Kong (85 machines), the Russian Federation (53) and Colombia (46) are the countries with the most ATMs. locations. Outside the ATM area. The contexts of North America and Europe.

Source: CoinTelegraph