“It’s worth a try,” New York Times columnist Kevin Rose wrote of his attempt to auction off one of his articles as an innate symbol (NFT). Literally one day it looks like it costs much more.

After posting a detailed NFT caption titled “Buy this column on the blockchain!” On Wednesday, Rose successfully sold what he called the “digital asset” of his article at auction as an NFT on the foundation’s platform and raised more than $ 550,000 in charity.

The last half hour of the auction was particularly exciting as the bidding war broke out, which saw prices rise from under $ 50,000 to a final sale of $ 562,891. Ji Ouyang, a veteran Facebook veteran and founder of an undercover startup, competed for the coveted digital video, with production company 3F Music in Dubai finally winning.

Proceeds from the sale will be donated to the NYT The Neediest Cases Fund, which has donated more than $ 300 million to charities and families over its 110-year history.

Donating to charity makes sense given that – even if many newspapers and media companies shut their doors primarily due to risk management and mismanagement of hedge funds – the New York Times is thriving. The company’s income statement for the fourth quarter of 2020 shows that the company generated $ 80.5 million in revenue and $ 509.4 million in revenue during that period, with a large proportion of the revenue coming from new sectors such as digital subscriptions and podcasts.

This hit could prompt the 170-year-old newspaper to continue experimenting with blockchain technology. In the end, the hard part is over: On Twitter, Rose jokingly mentioned what was undoubtedly a lengthy legal process to convince the foundation, its multiple attorneys, and custodians to provide the New York trademark for the trial, and said this pushed “to the extreme.” “Confusion” is possible.

When asked to comment, Rose said simply “Wow.” He indicated that an additional column would appear, but did not specify whether it would also go on sale.

The sale could also be a boon for Rose personally: New York Times financial editor Randy Pinnell criticized how the high price that Ross pointed out deserves a price spike per column:

However, after these accounts, the Times may look elsewhere for new talent. Amidst absurd NFT sales growth, Roose has been hit hard by the robot: Hanson Robotic’s Sophia has sold the board for more than $ 700,000.

Source: CoinTelegraph