While interest in meta-verses seems to be waning, the industry leader is still working hard for an open, decentralized and interoperable multiverse.

In an interview with Cointelegraph Brasil, Sebastian Borg, founder of The Open World Sandbox, shared some of his thoughts and experiences when it comes to Web3 and the state of the metaverse.

According to Borjet, the meta-verse is a gateway to new experiences, limited only by what users can invent. That is to explain:

“Web 3.0 and Metaverse allow each of us to discover our human imagination, creating new parallel universes where we can choose the experiences we want to live.”
The Sandbox founder also states that the metaverse is already beginning to affect how “societies mix, form economic relationships and meet in societies.” He believes there will be more development in space within a decade.

“We envision that the meta-verse over the next 10 years will fundamentally change the way we think about how we work, communicate, play and earn through the financial opportunities and jobs they create.”
Bourget believes that the role of the platforms should be to make the creation process pleasant and rewarding, and to listen to what users want should be prioritized. “We built this ecosystem, but it’s driven by the experiences and assets that players create and share,” said Burget.

In addition, according to Borjet, control over the metaverse should be transferred to users. This will be done through the launch of an independent decentralized organization with voting mechanisms.

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Sandbox offers a decentralized metaverse. Borget explained that this means that users are not limited by their platform. “It is important to us that the content you own or create in The Sandbox can be transferred to other open databases and vice versa,” he said. Bourget also stressed that decentralization is the way forward, not stuck in a “micro-coverage” of Web 2 where content ownership is trapped in large technology companies.

“We strongly recommend that decentralization, interoperability and creator-generated content be at the core of an open metavers channel.”
When asked what will happen next with Sandbox, the founder explained that the team is building the platform step by step. “Our vision of decentralized entertainment where everyone can play, create and be rewarded for their time through play, resonates strongly. Step by step, we are building an ecosystem to realize the potential of The Sandbox for players, creators and partners, said Borgett.

Sebastian Borg, founder and COO of The Sandbox. Source: Borget.net
In addition, the founder explained that in the next step, creators will be able to create and share experiences in their own countries. Bourget said people can expect more original community-generated content in the future.

The Sandbox chief also stressed that although countries such as the United States, China and Turkey have announced metaverse strategies, these parties will not be able to control the metaverse. “This diversity of ownership means that no single party can control the downward trend,” he said.

The castle also mentioned that Sandbox is also looking to make the game fairer. The founder said she “especially wants to make The Sandbox an inviting place for women as creators and players.” It also has the potential to attract more women to Web3.

“We support the creators’ efforts to create inclusive worlds that can inspire players to see beyond external differences while being grateful.”

Source: CoinTelegraph