The pressure to try to sell Bitcoin (BTC) before the price peak is too strong for some pairs.

A Reddit post revealed that the man’s wife left him after he refused to sell his bitcoins when the price reached $ 60K and instead downloaded more BTC during the last drop.

In a post titled “My Wife Is Leaving Because of Bitcoins”, user u / Parking_Meater said that his wife packed his bags and lived with her sister after she had him convert more money into bitcoins. A Reddit user wrote:

“I just went to her sisters. She was so angry that I didn’t sell 60k, and I looked at the price that often reprimanded me. I tell her all the time that we don’t need money and we have money. We live normally. But we live normally. Today she took me to buy some sauce. She was so angry that she almost hit me! Now I packed her bags and went to her sisters to stay.
Trade build-up by the label’s wife is unknown, but her instinct to sell when bitcoin reached an all-time high of $ 61,321 on March 13th could have avoided a 15% loss, given the currency’s trajectory since.

But in the meantime, if the pair had bought the decline when Bitcoin hit a two-week low of $ 52,182 early Thursday morning (UTC) – which coincides with the time it was posted – it would have bounced back to Gain of 2.2% at time of publication.

But u / Parking_Meater isn’t too concerned anyway. His position ended with a peek into the future, as he sees himself naturally using sports cars as an influence in his famous courtship ritual.

“You didn’t talk to her. I need help here. Where can I find girls in Lambo?”

Source: CoinTelegraph