Pubinno, a San Francisco-based tech company that is building an “internet of beer” using artificial intelligence, robotics and cloud computing platforms, has integrated the Bitcoin (BTC) payment infrastructure into its system.

Pubinno accepted payments in BTC using the Lightning Network on #LightningHackdaysIST from February 25 to 27. With Lightning Network-enabled wallets, members can pour a beer seconds after completing a transaction by scanning a QR code.

The Smart Tap system was created in 2016 and uses blockchain technology to connect the future of beer with the future of transactions, according to Pubinno CEO Can Algul. Cointelegraph had the opportunity to chat with Algul about smart leverage.

Algul explained how blockchain technology influenced his decision to use the Lightning network for payments, saying:

“We worked on the Lightning Network because it is based on the underlying blockchain technology. By using real bitcoin/blockchain transactions and using our own programming language for smart contracts, we can create a secure network of participants who can transact in high volumes and at high speeds with low gas fees.”
The Lightning Network was founded in 2015 as a proposed solution to Bitcoin’s scalability problem. This allows off-chain transactions between nodes, which are then settled on the blockchain. This means that an increasing number of transactions can be processed without increasing the load on the blockchain, allowing for microtransactions and instant payments.

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Lightning Network Benefits allows owners to get paid in seconds with little or no fees, Algul says, and with the self-service capability of the smart leverage system, they can save a lot of money on labor costs.

Asked if they intend to include other digital currencies in the smart loss system as payment, Algul replied that this will depend on a number of variables such as scalability, frequency of use, transaction cost and speed. He added that:

“We will set our direction in line with industry adaptation and continue to develop our adaptive blockchain infrastructure. We are also conducting a feasibility study on the development of Pubinno tokens.”
He said: “The world is in a deeply rooted stage of digitalization, and the fastest development is being formed around the blockchain.” Algul called BTC the first cryptocurrency under consideration, but also mentioned that stack coins will be integrated into the payment system in the future.

Source: CoinTelegraph