Following the successful launch of the main network on Ethereum in December, The Graph is exploring the possibility of integrating eight additional Tier 1 blockchain chains, including Bitcoin.

On February 16, the Graph Foundation announced that it is also considering merging Bitcoin, Polkadot, Near Protocol, Cosmos, Solana, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and Celo.

The protocol already runs on Ethereum, which was launched on December 17, 2020, and supports the Interplanetary File System – a peer-to-peer network for storing and sharing data. The graph has also recently been integrated with several DeFi protocols, including Uniswap, AAVE, Decentraland, Gnosis, Balancer and Synthetix.

The infographic, announced in July 2018, allows programmers to build application programming interfaces (APIs), which they call subgraphs, to retrieve blockchain data for decentralized applications built on Web 3.0. The main goal of the project is to enable developers to easily access data online and create decentralized applications.

Graph Foundation Director Eva Beilin said that further chain integration is an important part of unleashing the next wave of innovation on the decentralized internet, adding:

“While the protocol now supports Ethereum and IPFS, the graph is independent of blockchain. We really want to add new developers and level 1 chains to our community. Although the graph is based on Ethereum, we also believe in the need to combine the ecosystem with more blockchains in the future, making it easier to develop and use Web3. ”
To date, more than 10,000 active developers have published over 7,000 sub-graphs.

Application fees and protocol bonuses come in their original ERC-20 (GRT) card symbols, which were also launched with the launch of the main network. At the time of writing, GRT has traded 19% over the past 24 hours at $ 2.20, up 215% since the beginning of February.

Source: CoinTelegraph