Looking to showcase your crypto brainwave by supporting charities this holiday season?

Giving Block and Cointelegraph will host the first entertainment course for Crypto’s Biggest Brain on Friday December 18th. The tournament brings together key members of the cryptocurrency ecosystem who raise awareness and make donations to crypto-friendly non-profit organizations.

The tournament will also be sponsored by some of the biggest names in crypto, with Gemini, Ledger and others taking part. They’ve partnered with The Giving Block and Cointelegraph to talk about how you can contribute to cryptocurrency-friendly charities.

Trivia members will battle it out in a friendly all-cryptocurrency competition for the chance to win the upcoming Crypto Biggest Brain Cup and an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph. Anyone who donates $ 100 or more to charity will receive a Ledger Nano S award.

You have the opportunity to play the tournament with David Guchstein, Ian Lieberman, Jason Lau, Crypto in the end, Brittdance, Pete Rizzo, Josh Frank, Alex Mashinsky, Jeremy Gardner, Ray Joseph and others. However, you must hurry, as the first 5,000 entries determine game traffic. You can register for free at the following link.

All sponsorship and donations go directly to charities that support homelessness, child hunger, disaster preparedness, animal rescue, and more. Thanks for the support! This will be the first tournament in the series. Stay tuned for more details.

Source: CoinTelegraph