The Cointelegraph YouTube Channel has seen some of its wildest moments in 2020, from being hit by Banhammer on YouTube to eyewitnesses to the weird and most bizarre characters of cryptocurrency. Here are some of our favorite moments this year – we hope you enjoy them more than we do!

Live Bitcoin Half-party on YouTube
2020 was the first year for many: the first year of a new decade, a unique global pandemic, and the Cointelegraph’s first YouTube strike. And to be honest, we’re still not sure about that. The strike took place in the final minutes of a virtual seven-hour live event hosted by Cointelegraph on May 11 to celebrate the third half of Bitcoin. The broadcast was attended by industry experts, famous investors, and celebrities from all over the crypto world. Some of the highlights:

Rachel Wolfson’s terrible game
Bobby proved to me that he actually has a keyboard (and calculator!)
Meltem Demirors, Matthew Roszak, and Stephen Chase all live in half
Dylan Love, former Cointelegraph director of news, plays ukulele
Everything went smoothly as expected for today’s last board: Crypto Influencers. A number of notable crypto characters have been featured on this board, including Altcoin Daily, Bad Crypto Podcast, Altcoin Buzz, Naomi Brockwell, Bitboy Crypto, Layah Heilpurn and especially Chico Crypto.

Taking off into the air, the painting instantly plunged into chaos. Halfway to introducing the host, Crypto Chico starts yelling at the other guests, calling them shillas and throwing some f-bombs. After the sermon was over, he disappeared from al-Bill and nobody had heard of him – at least not on any of our channels.

Painting resumed to the best of its ability, but after 20 minutes, the YouTube live broadcast was suddenly and permanently deleted, and Cointelegraph’s YouTube channel was the first ever. Per the warning, the live broadcast has been removed for violating YouTube Community Guidelines. The specific violation was the creation of “harmful or dangerous content”. Cointelegraph’s appeal against the strike was rejected and no further clarification was received as to the exact reason for the strike. With Crypto Chico’s twists and turns and its proximity to the moment of strike, its behavior likely played a significant role in YouTube’s decision. But it is impossible to know for sure.

Watch live broadcast highlights here:

Catch Craig Wright
No year is complete without a large amount of interesting content … and unfortunately, Cointelegraph is no exception.

Cointelegraph YouTube channel got off to a good start in this section by posting a video interview with Prosecutor Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright. The video received over a thousand comments, including many about the complex interaction between host (me) and Craig Wright. One of the most liked comments on the video came from a little YouTuber named River:

This interview was difficult. It does not suit him. As a presenter, I felt empowered while recording. However, the difficulty was not what people thought. I do not despise or show any hostility towards Craig Wright, despite his bold statements.

The interview was actually done using a familiar technique called reflection. In an effort to elicit more information and details from him, I often stop to get answers, or repeat to him the last topic of conversation. The result was an interview that seemed quarrelsome and possibly hostile, but which proved effective in defining Wright’s personality traits and revealing some of his bolder claims.

Attend the full interview here.

John McAfee introduces the AK-47 to our former chief of news division
John McAfee is known around the world for his quirky hobbies, not just his personality. In the world of cryptosphere, the American computer scientist became famous for his multiple presidential candidates, outrageous price predictions and the game (now called “ D * ckening ”) to eat his genitals live if bitcoin didn’t reach $ 500,000 at the end of 2020 … manage until From staying active on Twitter even though he is currently living in a Spanish prison as he faces deportation to the US for tax evasion.

As such, the Cointelegraph is no stranger to covering the wild side of McAfee. So none of the video crew was surprised when McAfee (on request) brandished his AK-47 rifles during a virtual video interview with former Cointelegraph news director Dylan Love. In the same interview, he stated that he was “99% sure” of Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity, and also told how he injured a visiting journalist by rigging Russian roulette. McAfee might get older, but his story isn’t.

Attend the full interview here.

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Source: CoinTelegraph