As long as Bitcoin stays below the $ 12,000 ceiling, you can choose future price predictions. The Winklevoss brothers claim that the coin will be worth $ 500,000 and possibly $ 600,000 if governments begin to include it in foreign exchange reserves. The twins did not give a date for their prediction, but data analyst Ecoinometrics believes that the model, after being cut in half, indicates a price of $ 41,000 by the end of the year. They said that Bitcoin will rise to six digits in mid-April. Or you can follow Max Keizer’s advice. The RT host views Warren Buffett’s recent investment in Japan as a sign that the Sage of Omaha dollar is running out. He said Bitcoin will soon reach record levels.

Buffett himself has called Bitcoin a “rat poison square”, but he is not the only one who is suspicious of cryptocurrencies. Reddit users have discovered a thread in response to Satoshi’s first post. No one seems to like her … except Hal Finney.

Roger Ver now also refers to Bitcoin ABC. The new Bitcoin Cash fork wants to implement a “cash base rule” where 8 percent of the new Bitcoin Cash will be donated to a development fund. The question is who wants the name Bitcoin Cash. Ver will make sure it’s not ABC.

On a more enjoyable note, the CoinDCX Indian exchange platform will host an online training and certification course on the blockchain. The company hopes to reach 50 million users in India. Portbase, a logistics solutions provider, has completed the first phase of integration with Tradel’s blockchain platform. The two companies will manage operations and operations in the ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. And the Asian cryptocurrency fund Spartan Black sees good prospects for Bolkadot. DOT’s price for the new protocol has risen 200 percent in the eight days since its launch, and analysts believe there is still a way to go. The protocol is evolving rapidly, costs less than Ethereum, and was created by Gavin Wood, who has been responsible for much of Ethereum’s development.

Polkadot is not the only blockchain protocol that may be useful in the future. FinID is a Brazilian project developed by CPqD, which is a research and development center within telecommunications. The project aims to use blockchain to create decentralized, superb digital identities.

Tommy Lees, also known as DJ PLS & TY, Foundation, an Ethereum-based arts and culture platform, used to release his EP “Special Very Special.” The platform sells tokens that buyers can exchange for physical goods, and raises the price in line with demand. Leas started its limited release record at $ 50. After 12 sales, it sold for $ 68.27.

If that price sounds like a steal, you’re hearing what a Tesla employee has recently heard. An employee was contacted by someone who offered him $ 1 million in bitcoins in exchange for placing malicious software on Tesla computers. The hacker planned to demand $ 4 million for not spreading stolen company data online. But the officer informed the FBI and cooperated with police to arrest the hacker. The accusation is made against the Russian citizen Egor Igorevich Kryuchkov.

Despite these venerable employees, however, Tesla’s share price was low. The stock fell 4.7% the next day after the company decided to sell the shares to raise capital. However, the zoom percentage increased by 41 percent during the day. This means an increase of 571% this year.

Finally, Care Bears will join Cryptokitties and Atari in a world of blockchain-powered sandbox games. 80s games will free up NFT players that players can use in the Care-a-Lot environment. Who had predicted this?

Source: CoinTelegraph