Hackathons are becoming increasingly popular in the crypto area as the hunt for talent continues.

Lisk blockchain application platform launches its second HackOnLisk event, where developers get the opportunity to create a blockchain application with the latest version of Lisk SDK after the hackathon in July.

This time they are celebrating the new version of Mainnet v3 and want developers to focus on the areas of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and GameFi.

DeFi applications to consider include decentralized exchange (DEX), lending and stablecoin projects. GameFi apps include blockchain games and collectibles. For HackOnLisk2, the total prize pool is $ 60,000.

Following the success of the first HackonLisk ever, which gave them access to the existing community of blockchain developers, they are ready to invite both new and old members to join HackOnLisk2.

More information about LISK here
Members have the ability to create a blockchain application with the latest Lisk SDK using JavaScript as part of one of two specific categories: DeFi and GameFi.

HackOnLisk2 gives developers the ability to create their own blockchain application from one of the selected categories, DeFi or GameFi, and win prizes of $ 60,000. Lisk SDK provides not only user-friendly, but also necessary resources for any developer who can create the project its in just a few weeks, ”participates in the project.

After previous success
At the first HackonLisk event, the platform presented participants with eight categories to choose from: lending, stack coins, NFT markets, collectibles, prediction markets, social media, DAOs and oracles.

The winners were announced live on YouTube with prizes totaling $ 33,000 in LSK tokens and other non-cash prizes. The first prize of $ 10,000 was awarded to Journals, a think tank where news is shaped by collaboration between users and artificial intelligence. The profits from the popularity of the news event are shared directly between the participants through square funding.

Submission instructions
The deadline for blockchain applications for HackOnLisk2 is November 15.

The evaluation criteria are evenly divided into contributions to the Lisk ecosystem, the application’s originality, technical complexity and user-friendliness. The Lisk Community Choice Awards will be based on likes and engagement for YouTube videos submitted by members.

plans for the future
Lisk Foundation offers additional funding opportunities of up to $ 1.3 million through its grant program.

The Lisk team is working to build an ecosystem of interoperable blockchain applications and services built using the Lisk SDK and powered by the LSK token. They envision a world where everyone benefits from the blockchain and look forward to playing their part in the future.

Source: CoinTelegraph