Darren Klein, known to most as DKleine, is an NFT artist with a niche zombie. We are talking about cryptosombs, political zombies and mustachioed zombies by Salvador Dali. Zombies in all shapes, sizes and directions! If he is green, dismantled and loves the tasteful taste of a good mind, it’s time to combine (and philanthropy) with Mr. Klein.

What began as a quasi-political statement just a few months ago (his first Zombie NFT was the crumbling Donald Trump, who still ran for president in 2040) has now evolved into a completely mature brand aesthetic. Klein concluded that the holiday season is a great time to bring some peace to the earth and be kind to everyone, as his creative output grows day by day in blockchain markets such as the Open Sea and known origins.

On December 12, Kleine will include the first of a dozen Christmas-themed NFTs in its 12 Days of Zombie Christmas series, with 80% of proceeds going to children’s charities. Each piece in the single series will depict a scene from a classic holiday film, but with an outrageously shocking twist – all the characters are either undead … or soon to be.

Zombie Brown Christmas by DKleine.

“I do not change them very often. I change them enough to make it a little uncomfortable, but still nice. There is something else good about it, “Klein explained in an interview with Cointelegraph. Soon:

“Here comes the Christmas holidays.” Clark Griswold and cousin Eddie buy brains from Walmart. I really love the difficult moment in Elf, where he eats spaghetti and jam. I took this, but turned them into intestines. Star Wars Holiday Edition is still under preparation. ”
They are really worth seeing.

To explain his personal brand of fictional fantasies, Klein described an unintended psychological effect known as the “supernatural valley” – a term used to describe creations that are believed to mimic human flesh and blood, but which cannot often depict the illusion. … Have you ever seen an adaptation of Robert Zemix’s The Polar Express? A strange valley. These scary Japanese curiosities with silicone skin and dead glass eyes? A strange valley. He said:

“I think it looks like a zombie. There is something inherently unpleasant about them. But then you put them in the context of this cute Christmas scene, and your natural reaction is to laugh. ”

Home Alone (Except Zombies) by DKleine

You can bet on the first Kleine series here.

By clarifying this point, he made a more serious comparison with our current, socially distant reality. “And it also has to do with all this COVID, right? Because the idea behind zombies obviously is that they are an imminent viral threat that always hangs over us. “Actually.

“I think it was a kind of tool for me regarding COVID. Just make a joke about it. As a child, I was one of those people who, when I watched a movie, was sad or uncomfortable, I wanted to make a joke – because it made me more comfortable. I feel “. Here’s some of what’s going on.”
In fact, the establishment of NFT led to a new discovery of the artist. Once a technical pioneer and a great creative spirit, Klein avoided such efforts for many years and chose the analytical certainty of his job as a full-time elementary school math teacher. As a child, he loved pencil and paper:

“As a child, I could not stop painting. I got to the point where I had trouble completing this task when I should have done my homework. Then I started teaching and didn’t do it anymore. It was not even an artistic affair. Digital technology that attracted me again. “

Source: CoinTelegraph