Manchester United FC, one of the world’s most popular football (or soccer) teams, has announced the recruitment of multi-year coaching by sponsoring the Tezos blockchain platform.

First reported by The Athletic, the deal appears to be worth more than $27 million annually, allowing Tezos to put their logo on the team’s uniform. Manchester United reportedly completed filming promotional materials ahead of the official announcement.

The report also suggests that the partnership could include collaborations on technologies such as Metaverse or other Web3 projects.

Tezos has invested heavily in sports sponsorship. In May 2021, RedBull Racing announced Tezos as its official blockchain partner. Tezos created the first non-fungible token experiment (NFT), which was launched in November of that year.

A similar announcement from McLaren Racing a month later made Tezos the official technical partner in a multi-year deal with Formula 1, Indycar and esports teams, and the Tezos network was used to launch the McLaren NFT Collection in October 2021.

Manchester United is part of the English Premier League football which is called the English Premier League (EPL). Join the many other EPL clubs that have either signed sponsorship or partnership deals with Fantokens.

In August 2021, Dogecoin (DOGE) entered into a partnership with Watford Football Club as the shirt sponsor for the 2021-2022 season, with players wearing the iconic meme logo on the coins. Manchester City, Arsenal and Wolverhampton Wanderers have launched fan codes on various platforms such as Socios and Bitci.

Baby Doge collaborates with a German football club
Meanwhile, the Baby Doge Coin (BabyDoge) meme, inspired by Doge and Shiba Inu, has announced a partnership with professional soccer club TSG Hoffenheim, a team from the German Football League, Germany’s top soccer league.

In the announcement, Hoffenheim confirmed that Baby Doge will become the club’s official partner and work together to develop the club’s NFTs. The agreement also includes what the club calls “key campaign materials,” which will see Baby Doge advertised on LED panels around the stadium during the team’s home matches, as well as co-branded content.

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“TSG Hoffenheim is pleased to be partnering with an innovative and pioneering brand like Baby Doge. We are excited and look forward to a successful partnership in which we bring to life the NFT group of club and other exciting projects,” says Denny Strech, CEO of Hoffenheim.

Mike Watson, Baby Doge project manager, said the agreement will expand its presence in the global market and in the European Union, as well as continue to form strategic partnerships to expand its reach as a community project, and establish itself as a player. in the world of sports.

A similar coin memes for dogs, Floki Inu (FLOKI), which was created after Elon Musk tweeted that he called Shiba Inu “Floki”, as well as a partnership with Italian professional football club SSC. Naples in November 2021

At the convention, the Floki Inus logo – a cartoon Shiba Inu wearing a Viking helmet – appeared on the back of the Naples players’ jerseys, and like the Baby Doge agreement, the Floki Inus logo was displayed on LED banners in Naples. home playground.

Source: CoinTelegraph