Ali Sahrai, CEO of the Tehran Stock Exchange since 2018, is said to have retired after discovering mining mining rigs in the building.

According to the country’s state media, the Islamic Republic’s news agency, the Tehran Stock Exchange or TSE, the market’s vice president Mahmoud Godarzi will lead the company after Sehrai’s departure. The change in management appears to be a result of the discovery of “more miners” in the basement of the TSE building in the Saadabad district.

The court initially denied the miners’ existence and stated that the equipment was part of a research project. However, Deputy Director Beheshti Sarshet later said that the company should be held accountable for its actions.

In May, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced that Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency mining would be banned in the summer in an effort to reduce demand for the country’s power grid. It is unclear when the authorities discovered the mining rigs during a “random inspection” of the cleaned wastewater cellar, but it appears that the activity remained illegal until the last week of September.

Under the ban, the authorities raided several large and small miners, caught illegal miners and fined families responsible for making blocks. However, most raids have focused on abandoned factories, homes and small businesses – and nothing beats the prestige of Iran’s largest stock exchange.

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The Iranian energy crisis has resulted in power outages and power outages, with many officials accusing crypto-mining of sucking the juice. However, an August report from the country’s Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade said that claims by some authorities about the use of energy by crypto-miners “seem grossly exaggerated.”

Source: CoinTelegraph